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sisisi QEAMER

Unleash the natural power of steam, enjoy a delicious gourmet steamy bowl in only 60 seconds!

We developed the next generation of hot bowls to create a new pleasurable eating experience for you. With our "quick steam" technology we have found a solution to heat up dishes within seconds with the care it deserves. By using the natural properties of water, we manage to preserve the quality and taste of our dishes. We offer a wide variety of bold, tasty dishes that are relentlessly easy to serve: One click, in only 60 seconds*.

The efficient food-tech solution from Switzerland.
* Comparison is made between our Qeamer and traditional microwaves. The heating time may vary based on the system used and the bowl selected.

How To

quick steam TECHNOLOGIE

How to steam sisisi

1. Choose and insert bowl
2. Press START
3. Stir & add your favorite topping

How it works

steamy gourmet bowls




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