The sisisi hot steam solution is a complete food service offering, all you need is a power outlet. There are two different power options 230 & 400V which makes the Qeamer (Quick Steam Technology) as versatile as it gets. Give us a call or book a free tasting, we are happy to tell you more!

We deliver the Qeamer to your point of sale it and put the system in usage for you – usually in your cafeteria or coffee corner.

We would love to invite you for a sisisi steamy lunch and present to you the sisisi hot steam solution. Simply reach out per email at and tell us which dates suit you best. Or go ahead and book your free tasting on the homepage right away!

It depends on the usage. The longer the pauses between dishes preparations, the fewer menus can be prepared, as a heating rinse is then carried out before each preparation. On average, 30 to 45 bowls can be heated with a full water tank.

The Qeamer should be washed at least once daily (depending on the usage). 

This depends on the time and the amount of water that has flowed through the filter. This in turn depends on the water hardness. The harder the water, the less water can be decalcified by the filter. No matter how much water has flown through the filter, after about 4 months the filter is definitely used up for hygiene reasons.

Write down the error number and a few keywords about what was done before the error occurred. If possible, take a photo with your mobile phone. Some faults are referenced in the operating instructions, see p.38. As with all technical devices, it’s advisable to switch the machine off and on again using the rotary switch on the side. Some faults are already solved by this. For contacting your relevant service hotline or support: Write down the Qeamer serial number. You will be asked for it.

Hot steam is unleashed into the bowl tray via the steam fingers of the mixing unit. This heats the menu quickly yet gently. The amount of steam is the amount of water is specific to the dish. It is coded for each bowl in the QR code on the bottom side of the bowl.

This depends on the machine type and the dish. The 400V-Qeamer takes approx. 30-60 seconds, and the 230V-Qeamer approx. 40-60 seconds.